Writing An Argument

Stage 3 organizing ideas into an outline stage 3 o

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Unformatted text preview: to “regulate” what is being shown on the screen. T his is because people need to be protected from the negaEve influence of certain programs. For example, children need protecEon unless they are conEnuously monitored by their parents who are cauEous of the potenEal harms of T V viewing. Undoubtedly, no parent would want their children to be exposed to violent murder scenes on T V as “such programs may breed violence in children starEng from very early ages” (Nell, 1999, p.12). T herefore, if parents, as in the case of working parents, do not have Eme and energy to protect their children from violent images on the screen, this should be done by an outside control organism, which is R TÜK in T urkey. Is this control of thought? Is this control of feelings? Definitely, it is not. M oreover, it is not only in T urkey that insEtuEons such as R TÜK exist. Many democraEc co...
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