Writing An Argument

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Unformatted text preview: public. These wri@en, audio or visual messages reinstate stereotypes and consequently annihilate gender equality. They also portray impossible body images for men and women, which eventually manipulates the public and shakes self- esteem. Finally, adver,sements exploit the future genera,ons for their own end and cause irreversible impairment on their health and psychology. Therefore, we need to learn to be discerning and make our choices about adver,sements as they most certainly can impact us nega,vely. How To Write ArgumentaEve Essays Stage 1 – Choose the topic, conduct research, formulate thesis Stage 2 – Generate Ideas Stage 3 – Organize Ideas into an Outline Stage 4 – Maintain Coherence HOW TO W RITE ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAYS STAGE 1: C HOOSING A TOPIC Decide on a...
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