Writing An Argument

The reader too expects to learn the three reasons more

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Unformatted text preview: controversial topic (debatable and interesEng) Conduct research Formulate a thesis statement The Argumenta7ve Thesis Statement The thesis statement should define the scope of the argument and make an asserEon that is open to debate. Sample Argumenta@ve Thesis Statements Something should be done on media bias. This is not an effecEve argumentaEve thesis statement because it does not clearly state the writer’s idea. The answers of quesEons like “what is that ‘something’ that should be done?” or “who should do it?” are not clear. Sample Argumenta@ve Thesis Statements CNN is the best T V channel. This is not an effecEve thesis statement. This sentence is not debatable as it involves personal choice or preference. Sample Argumenta@ve Thesis Statements There are 3 ways of media censorship...
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