Writing An Argument

The refutaon technique used insucent

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Unformatted text preview: it disappoints the child’s wish to believe in the benevolence of the parent, on which his sense of security rests.”… SupporEng technique used: ________________ Counter Arguments One way to strengthen your argument is to show that you have a deep understanding of the issue and also to show that you can anEcipate and address the counterarguments or objecEons that your audience may have. In this way you show that you have thought the issue in detail. GeneraEng Counter Arguments How strong is the opposiEon? What arguments might be used against my thesis statement? How can I refute these arguments? Will I have to agree with some of these points? Which of my arguments might the opposiEon try to discredit? How closely does my audience idenEfy with the opposiEon? Can I see any weak links in the opposiEon’s thinking? Pro- Con Chart Awer finding pro and...
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