Writing An Argument

Therefore we need to learn to be discerning and make

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Unformatted text preview: ul, and confident man. T he opposite is a caricature, just like the poor man, the anE- Mr. Muscle in the detergent adverEsement. For a woman, too, the message is parallel: Y ou need to be beauEful and skinny. Women are constantly exposed to gorgeous looking women who have the perfect hair or skin, and a body like that of a model. Although all these images are simple illusions, created by skillful makeup arEsts, photographers, or photo re- touchers who work on these meEculously, women unfortunately ignore this and delve into endless self- scruEny. As Susan B rownmiller states, a woman is “forced to concentrate on the minuEae of her bodily parts, [and consequently she] is never free of self- consciousness. She is never quite saEsfied, and never secure, for d...
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