Writing An Argument

Writing An Argument

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Unformatted text preview: execuEves have known this for a long Eme. One of the most comprehensive studies of the impact of violent T V was commissioned by C BS back in 1978. It found that teenage boys who watched more hours of violent T V than average before adolescence were commiyng such violent crimes as rape and assault at a rate 49 percent higher than boys who watched fewer than average hours of violent T V (as cited in A PA, 2005, p. 3). SupporEng technique used: ___________________________________________________ _ 2. Not leyng their children watch television as a punishment is a fuEle effort of parents since almost every effect of punishment is negaEve. Dr. Bruno BeMleheim (2003, p. 8), famous psychologist and professor at the University of Chicago, writes, “Punishment is a traumaEc experience not only in itself but also because...
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