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Thus adversements are harmful for the society owing

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Unformatted text preview: e impact of adverEsing (DiChiara, 2008, para. 3). Nonetheless, as Giselle T ouzard (2008) explains, adverEsing, which originally intended to be a source of informaEon for people on the availability of products, “has developed into an industry that shapes people’s idenEty” (para. 2). C oming in various forms – in print, audio, or visual form – adverEsements not only bombard audience with their messages, but they also sell the ideas of who we are and what we should do or be. Thus, adver,sements are harmful for the society owing to their disrup,ve influence. Sample Essay – Con Ref Paragraph Some may argue that adver7sements are beneficial. It is the conten7on of these supporters that adver7sements are essen7al in keeping the market alive and rivalry hot. They believe that it is thanks to adver7...
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