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Keep this relevant to your thesis introduc on thesis

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Unformatted text preview: i)Does the author back up his/her point with evidence? iv)Does the author take opposing viewpoints into account? v) Is the author reliable? Does he/she use reliable sources? Introduc-on I. I NTRODUCTION: An introduc=on (oMen a single paragraph) contains the following: Opening sentences i) Introduce general topic, including the -tle/author of the research ar-cle Introduc-on ii) STATE T HE M AIN P OINT O F T HE ARTICLE (Remember that the main point is N OT the same as the purpose. iii) The purpose is why the author wrote the ar-cle, whereas the main point is what the author concludes from the study) iv) Provide background informa-on on topic and/or materials to be considered. Keep this relevant to your thesis. Introduc-on Thesis Statement of point to be proven (usually a single sentence); focuses essay that follows Forecast Ocen a sentence or sentences indica-ng the subtopics...
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