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Improving Sentence Structure

The trip to the city is neither a long one nor

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Unformatted text preview: s, and checking the engine. Parallel Form There are a number of situa1ons which require you to use parallel structure. They are Both X and Y… Not X but Y… Not only X but also Y… Neither X nor Y… Either X or Y… Parallel Form Remember the rule of parallel structure: the words in the list must be the same gramma1cal form. In this situa1on, the X and Y must be the same gramma1cal form. Many common problems with parallel structure can be easily corrected. Look at following examples. Parallel Form - Pointers 1. Use the same verb form when linking ideas together using a coordina9ng conjunc9on. 2. Split excessively long sentences in two to avoid parallelism problems. 3. Repeat preposi9ons in lengthy preposi9onal phrases. 4. Try to balance length as well as structure. 5. Ensure lists are parallel by star9ng all items with nouns or verbs. 6. Avoid mixing complete sentences and sentence fragments in lists. Parallel Form Incorrect In counseling, I think both talking and to listen are important We are not for war but peace This car is not only fast but also it is safe...
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