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Have your essay focus too much on others this is

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Unformatted text preview: all statements with examples and concrete evidence. Remember: show, don’t tell. research your programs and schools. Ask yourself if there are certain values expressed in the program or aspects, such as a thesis, that intrigue you. The Don’ts of Personal Statements DON'T Use the "what I did with my life" approach. Use the "I've always wanted to be a _____" approach. Use a catalog of achievements. This is only a list of what you have done, and tells nothing about you as a person. Lecture the reader. For example, you should not write a statement such as "CommunicaCon skills are important in this field." Any graduate admissions commi9ee member knows that. DON’T forget to have a thesis or theme that is woven throughout your essay. be cliché or use generalizaCons; i.e. “I want to be a doctor to help people.” submit a personal statement with spelling and punctuaCon errors. menCon poliCcal or religious affiliaCons unless necessary or relevant. make up stories, exaggerate, or lie on your personal statements. DON’T make lists of accomplishments. Instead elaborate on them with examples and stories highlighCng your skills and experience. write in the third person. First person is always best. sound defensive or arrogant. Tone is key. menCon names of professors you hope to work with, menCon areas of interest instead. have your essay focus too much on others. This is about you. Extracted from Owl at Purdue Que...
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