Lecture 15 - Cultivation Theory

Cultivation works like a magnetic or gravitational

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Unformatted text preview: s about the world around them based on what comes to mind most quickly – the information that is most accessible. Cultivation Works Like a Magnetic or Gravitational Field   Gerbner illustrates the mainstream effect by showing how television types blur economic and political distinctions.   They assume that they are middle class   They believe they are political moderates when in fact, heavy viewers tend to be conservative   Traditional differences diminish among those with heavy viewing habits   Heavy viewers also hold positions on social issues that are conservative 2 10/28/13 Resonance: The TV World Looks Like My World, So It Must Be True Research on Cultivation Analysis   Resonance   The TV world looks like my world, so it must be   Cultivation takes time – it unfolds gradually through steady accumulation of TV’s messages true   The resonance process causes the power of TV’s messages to be stronger   Viewers who perceive that the world depicted on TV was like their own world get “double dose” of the same message Major Find...
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