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Lecture 15 - Cultivation Theory

Weekend childrens shows average 20 cases an hour by

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Unformatted text preview: umulative portrayal of violence varies little from year to year.  Weekend children’s shows average 20 cases an hour  By the time the typical TV viewer graduates from high school, he or she as observed 13,000 violent deaths Cultivation Analysis: The Third Prong   Cultivation analysis   Research designed to support notion that those who spend more time watching TV are more likely to see real world through TV lens   Cultivation analysis deals with how TV’s content might affect viewers.   Television viewing cultivates ways of seeing the world, based on the images, values, portrayals, and ideologies shown on TV Mainstreaming: Blurring, Blending, and Bending of Attitudes   Mainstreaming:   The process by which heavy viewers develop a commonality of outlook through constant exposure to the same images and labels   TV homogenises its audience so that heavy viewing habits share the same orientations, perspectives, and meanings with each other, causing people to share common perceptions of reality that resembles the TV world Message System Analysi...
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