Lecture 2 - What Makes A Good Theory

What makes an objective theory good scientific

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Unformatted text preview: Slide 8 What Makes an Objective Theory Good? What Makes an Objective Theory Good?   Scientific Standard 4:   Scientific Standard 5: Hypotheses That Can Be Tested   Objective theory is testable  Falsifiability – scientific theory must be stated in a way that it can be tested and disproved if it is wrong  Some theories are so loosely stated that it’s impossible to imagine empirical results that could disprove their hypotheses Practical Utility   Good objective theory is useful  Lewin: There is nothing as practical as a good theory 7 COM337 Comunication Theory What Makes an Objective Theory Good? 8 COM337 Comunication Theory What Makes an Interpretive Theory Good?   Scientific Standard 6: Quantitative Research   Most scientific research depends on a comparison of differences  Experiment – research method that manipulates a variable in a tightly controlled situation in order to find out if it has the predicted effect  Survey – research method that uses questionnaires and structured interviews to collect self-reported data that reflects what respondents think, feel, or intend to do   No universally approved model for interpretive theories   Create understanding   Identify values   Inspire aesthetic appreciation   Stimulate agreement   Reform society   Conduct qualitative research 9 COM337 Comunication Theory What Makes an Inte...
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