Lecture 1 - An Introduction To Communciation Theory

16 objective or interpretive why is it important as a

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Unformatted text preview: free choice (emancipation)   Emancipation – liberation from political, economic, racial, religious, or sexual oppression; empowerment COM337 Comunication Theory 15 Purpose of Theory: Universal Laws or Interpretive Guides? 16 Objective or Interpretive: Why Is It Important?   As a behavioral scientist, Glenn works to pin down universal laws of human behavior that cover a variety of situations   Theory testing is basic activity   As rhetorical critic, Marty strives to interpret a particular communication text in a specific context   Explores web of meaning that constitutes human existence COM337 Comunication Theory COM337 Comunication Theory 17   When you understand what each type of theorist is about, your comfort zone will expand and your confusion will diminish   Metatheory: theory about theory; stated or inherent assumptions made when creating   Both seek to improve society COM337 Comunication Theory 18 3 8/25/13 Figure 2-2: Classification of Communication Theories According to Objective/ Interpretive Worldview COM337 Comunication Theory End of Lecture What are these students doing on a cold morning in Kyoto? 19 COM337 Comunication Theory 20 4...
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