Lecture 1 - An Introduction To Communciation Theory

Comunication theory 8 com337 comunication theory most

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Unformatted text preview: acceptance   Symbolic transformation has taken place  Manning “coaching” the right attitude  Symbolic equivalence established between being manly and being “in the money” COM337 Comunication Theory 8 COM337 Comunication Theory   Most interpretive scholars are humanists – study what it is like to be another person, in another time and place; assumes there are few important panhuman similarities (people are different) 11 COM337 Comunication Theory 12 2 8/25/13 Objective or Interpretive It Matters Ways of Knowing: Discovering Truth or Creating Multiple Realities?   Separate worldviews of interpretive scholars and scientists reflect contrasting assumptions about the following:   Ways we arrive at knowledge   The core of human nature   Questions of value, and   The purpose and methods of research COM337 Comunication Theory 13 Human Nature: Determinism or Free Will?   Epistemology – study of the origin, nature, method, and limits of knowle...
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