Lecture 1 - An Introduction To Communciation Theory

I would want an objective test to find out if

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Unformatted text preview: eaning or value to communicative texts; assumes that multiple meanings or truths are possible expertise to credit cards?  “I would want an objective test to find out if celebrity appeals really work”   Is ad campaign followed by increase in new card applications or number of charges?   Test whether ad has same effect on viewers who do not know who Manning is COM337 Comunication Theory   MasterCard uses Manning in an attempt to identify manliness with money   Invites viewer to become part of “team” being instructed by “Coach” Manning   Burke’s dramatistic pentad – five-pronged method of rhetorical criticism to analyze a speaker’s persuasive strategy – act, scene, agent, agency, purpose 9 COM337 Comunication Theory 10 Objective or Interpretive It Matters! Two Scholars, Two Views   Objective approach and interpretive approach to   Marty: An Interpretive Approach (continued)   Ad starts with confusion, moves through pain communication study differ in starting point, method, and conclusion   Glenn, social scientist who works hard to be objective   Marty, rhetorical critic who does interpretive study and destruction, and arrives at manliness, money, and...
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