Lecture 1 - An Introduction To Communciation Theory

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Unformatted text preview: ews   A behavioral scientist applies the scientific method   MasterCard “Priceless” campaign in textbook   Ad Week:  “Peyton Manning is one of the few superstar to describe, predict, and explain recurring forms of human behavior (conducts experiments) athletes who shows he can act in his commercials. We’ve seen his cheerleader-forthe-everyday guy before. This time he’s rooting for the waitress who drops her tray, the latte guy who’s burned by escaping steam, and the movers who let a piano escape down a hill.”   He adopts an objective approach to communication   A rhetorician studies ways symbolic forms can be used to identify with people, or to persuade them to a certain point of view (interprets texts)   He adopts an interpretive approach to communication COM337 Comunication Theory 5 COM337 Comunication Theory 6 1 8/25/13 Two Scholars, Two Views Two Scholars, Two Views   Glenn: An Objective Approach   Objective approach – assumption that truth is   Glenn: An Objective Approach (continued)   Kelman: when people forge a body of singular and is accessible through unbiased sensory observation; committed to uncovering cause-and-effect relation...
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