Lecture 1 - An Introduction To Communciation Theory

Their credit card source credibility is based on the

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Unformatted text preview: ships   MasterCard is convinced Manning’s celebrity appeal will rub off on the public image of their credit card   Source credibility is based on the perceived competency/expertise and trustworthiness of a speaker or writer that affects how the message is received COM337 Comunication Theory identification with a figure like Manning, they’ll gladly embrace his persuasive pitch  Identification – perceived role relationship that affects self-image and attitudes; based on attractiveness of role model, and sustained if relationship remains salient 7 Two Scholars, Two Views Two Scholars, Two Views   Marty: An Interpretive Approach   Interpretive approach – linguistic work of assigning   Glenn: An Objective Approach (continued)   Do viewers transfer Manning’s perceived m...
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