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Chapter 11 - Attraction & Intimacy

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Unformatted text preview: Love? Passionate L ove Theory of passionate love Two- factor theory of emotion Suggests that in a romantic context, arousal from any source, even painful experiences, can be steered into passion What Is Love? Passionate L ove Variations in love: culture and gender Marriages for love versus arranged marriages What Is Love? Companionate L ove Affection we feel for those with whom our lives are deeply intertwined Occurs after passionate love fades What Enables Close Rela7onships? Attachment Our need to belong is adaptive Parents and children Friends Spouses or lovers What Enables Close Rela7onships? Attachment Attachment styles Secure attachment Rooted in trust and marked by intimacy Avoidant attachment Avoiding closeness Insecure attachment Clinging, then indifferent or hostile What Enables Close Rela7onships? Equity Condition in which the outcomes people receive from a relationship...
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