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Chapter 9 - Prejudice

Socialization authoritarian personality personality

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Unformatted text preview: countries gender bias is still strong What Are the Social Sources of Prejudice? Social Inequalities: Unequal Status and Prejudice Social dominance orientation Motivation to have one’s group dominate other social groups Being in a dominant high- status position tends to promote this orientation and justification What Are the Social Sources of Prejudice? Socialization Authoritarian personality Personality that is disposed to favor obedience to authority and intolerance of outgroups and those lower in status Ethnocentricity Believing in the superiority of one’s own ethnic and cultural group, and having a corresponding disdain for all other groups What Are the Social Sources of Prejudice? Socialization Religion and prejudice In almost every country, leaders invoke religion to sanctify the present order Use of religion to support injustice helps explain a pair of findings concerning North American Christianity White church members express more racial prejudice than nonmembers Those professing traditional or fundamentalist Christian beliefs express more prejudice than those professing more progressive beliefs What Are the Social Sources of Prejudice? Socialization Conformity If prejudice is socially accepted, many people will follow the path of least resistance and conform to the fashion If prejudice is not deeply ingrained in personality, then as fashions change and new norms evolve, prejudice can diminish What Are the Social Sources of Prejudice? Institutional Supports Government Schools Magazines and newspapers Face- ism Films and television What Are the Mo<va<onal Sources of Prejudice? Frustration and Aggression:...
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