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Chapter 3 - Social Beliefs And Judgments

Average statistical tendency for extreme scores or

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Unformatted text preview: Our Social World Counterfactual Thinking Imagining alternative scenarios and outcomes that might have happened, but didn’t Underlies our feelings of luck Judging Our Social World Illusory Thinking Our search for order in random events Illusory correlation Perception of a relationship where none exists, or perception of a stronger relationship than actually exists Judging Our Social World Illusory Thinking Illusion of control Perception of uncontrollable events as subject to one’s control or as more controllable than they are Gambling Regression toward the average Statistical tendency for extreme scores or extreme behavior to return toward one’s average Judging Our Social World Moods and Judgments Good and bad moods trigger memories of experiences associated with those moods Moods color our interpretations of current experiences Explaining Our Social World Attributing C...
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