Chapter 4 - Behavior And Attitudes

Interracial behavior and racial attitudes racial

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Unformatted text preview: hing. People who agree to an initial request will often still comply when the requester ups the ante Used by some car dealers When Does Our Behavior Affect Our A5tudes? Evil and Moral Acts Wartime Actions and attitudes feed on each other When evil behavior occurs we tend to justify it as right Peacetime Moral action, especially when chosen rather than coerced, affects moral thinking When Does Our Behavior Affect Our A5tudes? Interracial Behavior and Racial Attitudes Racial behaviors help shape our social consciousness By doing, not saying racial attitudes were changed Legislating morality Social Movements Political and social movements may legislate behavior designed to lead to attitude change on a mass scale Why Does Our Behavior Affect Our A5tudes? Self- Presentation: Impression Management Assumes that people, especially those who self- monitor their behavior hoping to create good impressions, will adapt their attitude reports to appear consistent with their actions Why Does Our Behavior Affect Our A5tudes? Self- Justification: Cognitive Dissonance Tension that arises when one is simultaneously aware of two inconsistent cognitions To reduce this tension, we adjust our thinking Insufficient justification Reduction of dissonance...
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