Chapter 6 - Conformity And Obedience

Cohesion we feeling extent to which members of a

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Unformatted text preview: sic Studies Behavior and attitudes Mutually reinforcing A small act of evil to foster the attitude that leads to a larger evil act Power of the situation Heroism can occur as well as evil What Predicts Conformity? Group Size 3 to 5 people will elicit more conformity than just 1 or 2 Groups greater in size than 5 yields diminishing returns Unanimity Observing another’s dissent can increase our own independence What Predicts Conformity? Cohesion “We feeling”; extent to which members of a group are bound together, such as by attraction for one another The more cohesive a group is, the more power it gains over its members Status Higher- status people tend to have more impact What Predicts Conformity? Public Response People conform more when they must respond in front of others rather than writing their answers privately Prior Commitment Most people having made a public commitment stick to it Example: Teens who make a public virginity- till- marriage pledge become somewhat more likely to remain sexually abstinent Why Conform? Normative Influence Based on a person's desire to fulfill others’ expectations, ofte...
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