Chapter 1 - Introducing Social Psychology

Ideas social psychologys principles are applicable in

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Unformatted text preview: Big Ideas Social Behavior Is Biologically Rooted Evolutionary psychology Natural selection predisposes our actions and reactions Social neuroscience We are bio- psycho- social organisms Social Psychology’s Big Ideas Social Psychology’s Principles Are Applicable in Everyday Life How to know ourselves better Implications for human health Implications for judicial procedures Influencing behaviors Social Psychology and Human Values Obvious Ways Values Enter Psychology Research topics Types of people Object of social- psychological analysis How values form Why they change How they influence attitudes and actions Social Psychology and Human Values Not- S0- Obvious Ways Values Enter Psychology Subjective aspects of Science Culture Social representation Psychological concepts contain hidden values Defining the good life Professional advice Forming concepts Labeling Is Social Psychology Simply Common Sense? Paul L azarsfeld Problem with Common Sense Invoked after we know the fac...
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