Week 13 - Historical Comparative Methods

Quantitative data analysis differences qualitative

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Unformatted text preview: historical settings. Equivalence in H-C Research (4 of 4) Measurement Equivalence Creating or locating measures that will accurately represent the same construct or variable in divergent cultural or historical settings. Qualitative Data Analysis Qualitative vs. Quantitative Data Analysis Similarities Inferential Public method / process Comparison is central Strive to avoid errors, false conclusions, misleading inferences Qualitative vs. Quantitative Data Analysis: Differences Qualitative Less standardized Analysis as data is collected Generally inductive Use of non-statistical analysis Quantitative Standardized Analysis follows data collection Generally deductive Use of statistical analysis Qualitative Explanations Less abstract theory Rich in detail, sensitive to context, capable of showing complex processes Eliminate an explanation Increase plausibility of explanation Con...
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