Week 5 - Operationalization & Measurement

content validity captures the entire meaning is the

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Unformatted text preview: class project. Summing Up Our answers to research questions: Will never be complete or entirely certain Science is an iterative process Should be grounded in the published, high quality literature about related research Should be guided by explicit consideration of a larger theoretical framework Should be conducted ethically and to the highest standards possible. Measurement Conceptualization Process of taking a construct and refining it by giving it a conceptual or theoretical definition Conceptual definition is a definition in abstract, theoretical terms – it refers to other ideas or constructs Very clear and explicit statement of meaning Operationalization Links a conceptual definition to a specific set of measurement techniques or procedures Operational definition is a definition in terms of the specific operation of actions a researcher carries out Reflects, documents, or represents the abstract construct as it is expressed in the conceptual definition Links the language of theory with the language of empirical measures Quantitative / Qualitative Differences Quantitative Refine abstract ideas into theoretical definitions early in the research process Operationalization also done before data collection and transforms concepts into specific items to be measured Qualitative Develop “working ideas” that are refined as throughout data collection Operationalization is also a process of refinement from “working idea” to after- the- fact description Reliability and Validity Reliability: refers to dependability or consistency. Suggest that the same thing recurs under identical (or very similar) conditions. Can be improved by clearly conceptualizing constructs; using a precise level of measurement; using multiple indicators; using pilot- tests. Validity: suggests truthfulness a...
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