Week 5 - Operationalization & Measurement

Reviewing research second stage of lit review process

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Unformatted text preview: an integrated review that highlights these implications. Reviewing Research Your literature review of each article will suggest Specific research questions for further investigation Research methods with which to study those questions Possible data sources Critique earlier study shortcomings May lack rigorous research designs May have missed an essential element of concern Better data may now be available, etc. Reviewing Research Second stage of lit review process integrates separate/ individual article reviews Develops an overall assessment by Summarizing prior research Critiquing prior research Presenting pertinent conclusions (Hart 1998:186–187). Reviewing Research Summarize prior research Focus on your particular question Provide some general background Consider these questions: Have you been selective? Is the research up- to- date? Have you used direct quotes sparingly? Reviewing Research Critique prior research Evaluate possible strengths and weaknesses How was the report reviewed prior to its publication or release? What is the author’s reputation? Who funded and sponsored the research? Was the research design appropriate? Data up to the task? Reviewing Research Present Pertinent Conclusions Don’t leave reader guessing why you reviewed that particular article…explain yourself. Distinguish your own opinion Establish your own theoretical framework Acknowledge potential limitations (Pyrczak 2005:53–56) Say why your research is important (Fink 2005:190–192) Systematic Review Recap Define / Refine topic Design a search May need to refine search terms Locate research reports Take and organize notes Write...
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