Week 5 - Operationalization & Measurement

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Unformatted text preview: your review Where do you find literature? Periodicals Mass market newspapers and magazines Popularized social science magazines Opinion magazines Scholarly academic journals While all of these may stimulate your curiosity and help you decide on a topic, only scholarly academic journals are appropriate to use as sources for a proper literature review. Scholarly Journals Primary type of periodical used by researchers Peer- review process Provides complete study information May be specialized Examples: American Sociological Review (ASR) Journal of Marriage and Family (JMF) Scholarly Journals Finding journals at U B is pretty easy as many are available electronically through the U B Libraries web page. Print copies for some journals are also housed in Lockwood Library. http://ublib.buffalo.edu/ Where do you find literature? Books Can be about one study or can be edited volumes about a topic Dissertations Dissertation Abstracts International (index) Government Documents Many are available online from various government agencies Example: http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss.htm Policy Reports and Presented Papers Example: American Sociological Association Annual Meeting Comparing Methods Quantitative Test hypotheses that researcher begins with Concepts are distinct variables Measures are systematically created before data collection Data in the form of numbers Theory is largely causal and deductive Procedures are standardized and analysis uses statistical techniques Qualitative Meaning captured once research is immersed in the data Concepts are themes and generalizations Measures are created ad hoc and are often setting specific Data in the form of words Theory may or may not be causal and is often inductive Procedures are particular and rarely replicated Analysis proceeds by extracting themes and organizing them to present a consistent picture Qual...
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