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Week 4 - Research Design & Conceptualization

Deductive research after the researchers formulate

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Unformatted text preview: ive research Start by collecting the data and develop a theory that explains patterns in the data. Deductive Research In deductive research a specific expectation is deduced from a general theoretical premise and then tested with data that have been collected for this purpose. The specific expectation deduced from the more general theory is a hypothesis. A hypothesis proposes a relationship between two or more variables. Variables have characteristics or properties that can vary. Deductive Research The hypothesis clearly indicates that variation in one variable is proposed or expected to predict, influence, or cause variation in the other variable. The proposed influence is the independent variable. It is the cause in a cause- effect relationship. The outcome, effect or consequence is the dependent variable. Deductive research After the researchers formulate one or more hypotheses and develop research procedures, they collect data with which to test the hypothes...
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