Week 4 - Research Design & Conceptualization

Research proposals social research proposals every

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Unformatted text preview: two or three basic questions that we could use to guide a research project. Define the concepts within your question. Start to think about how we might collect data to answer these questions. Research Proposals Social Research Proposals Every research proposal should have at least five sections (Locke, Spirduso & Silverman 2000:8– 34) 1. An introductory statement of the research problem in which you clarify what it is that you are interested in studying. 2. A literature review, in which you explain how your problem is related to earlier research and your plans to build on what has already been reported in the literature on this topic. Social Research Proposals 3. A methodological plan, detailing just exactly how you will respond to the particular mix of opportunities and constraints you face. 4. An ethics statement, identifying potential research on human subjects issues and how you will respond to them in an ethical fashion. 5. A statement of limitations, reviewing weaknesses of the proposed research and presenting plans for minimizing their consequences. Researchers also need to include a budget and project timeline. Data Collection Techniques Quantitative Experiments Surveys Content analysis Secondary data analysis Field research Qualitative Participant observation Historical- Comparative research Theory Research publicatio...
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