Week 1.2 - Paradigms, Theory & Social Research

Past data create a set of categories clarify a

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Unformatted text preview: sues of power Seeks to raise awareness of an issue Research is tied directly to a political plan of action Generally, action research is associated with a social movement or advocacy group Social Impact Assessment Estimates the likely consequences of a planned intervention May be part of a larger environmental impact study Examines a range of social outcomes and forecasts the impact of a particular intervention Purpose of Research Exploratory – explore a new topic Descriptive – describe a social phenomenon Explanatory – explain why something occurs Exploratory Research Become familiar with basic facts, setting, concerns Create a general picture of conditions Formulate questions for future research Generate new ideas / hypotheses Develop techniques for measuring and locating future data Descriptive Research Provide a detailed picture Locate new data that contradicts past data Create a set of categories Clarify a sequence of stages Document a causal mechanism Report on the background or context of a situation Explanatory Research Test a theory’s predictions / principle Elaborate on a theory’s explanation Extend a theory to new issues / topics Support or refute an existing explanation Link issues or topics with a general principle Time Cross- Sectional Longitudinal Time Series Panel Study Cohort Study Cross- Sectional Examine a single point in time a “snapshot” Most common and least expensive Cannot capture social processes or change Longitudinal Look at multiple times More expensive Time Series: researchers gather the same type of information across two or more time periods. Can track change Different respondents may be used at each time interval Longitudinal Panel Study: researcher observes exactly the same participants over time. Very expensive Can clearly show the impact of a particul...
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