Week 1.2 - Paradigms, Theory & Social Research

Top journals only publish 10 15 of submissions the

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Unformatted text preview: ction of people that practice science with a set of shared norms, attitudes, and behaviors Scientific Method Refers to ideas, roles, techniques, and approaches used by the scientific community to generate knowledge Attributes: Professionalism Craftsmanship Ethical Integrity Rigorous Standards Honesty Diligence Openness about procedures used for a study Journal Articles How knowledge is shared in the scientific community Peer Review Unpaid Selectiveness: top journals only publish 10- 15% of submissions The Research Process Select Topic Focus Question Design Study Collect Data Analyze Data Interpret Data Inform Others – publication (Journals), conference presentations… Dimensions of Research Use of Research Purpose of Research Time Data Collection Technique Use of Research Basic Science or Applied Research? The effort to figure out what the world is like and why it works as it does—academic motivations— is the goal of basic science. Evaluation research and other social research motivated by practical concerns is termed applied research. Use of Research Basic Advances fundamental knowledge Source of most new scientific ideas and ways of thinking about the world (advances theory) Applied Designed to address a specific concern to explore solutions for a specific problem Often used for policy review / program evaluation Three Types: Evaluation Action Social Impact A ssessment Evaluation “Does it work?” Used primarily by large bureaucratic organizations to assess effectiveness Ethical and political conflicts arise Limitations: Rarely peer reviewed Raw data rarely available to the public Narrow in focus Decision makers use findings selectively or ignore them altogether Action Research Five Characteristics: People being studied actively participate in research process Research incorporates ordinary / popular knowledge Focus on is...
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