Week 2 - Ethical Guidelines

Research setting seek to develop consensus among

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Unformatted text preview: the case study you are given and pick out areas of ethical concern For each concern note why it is a concern and how things could have been done in an ethical way. to 20 minutes, then we will discuss Philosophical Approaches (value free & objective research) Positivism An objective reality exists apart from the perceptions of those who observe it Goal of science is to better understand this reality Post- positivism There is an external, objective reality, but… Sensitive to the complexity of this reality and to the limitations and biases of the scientists who study it (Guba & Lincoln 1994:109–111). Positivist Research Guidelines Test ideas against empirical reality without becoming too personally invested in a particular outcome Plan and carry out investigations systematically Document all procedures and disclose them publicly Clarify assumptions Specify the meaning of all terms Maintain a skeptical stance toward current knowledge Replicate research a...
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