Week 6.2 - Sampling & Experiments

Example if a researcher draws a sample of 100 people

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Unformatted text preview: ral bounds Probability Sampling: Key Terms Target Population: specific pool of cases that a researcher wishes to study. Sampling Ratio: the ratio of the size of the sample to the size of the target population. Example: If a researcher draws a sample of 100 people from a population of 500 people the sampling ratio is 20% (100/500=0.20, or 20%) Probability Sampling: Key Terms Sampling Frame: a researcher’s operationalization of a population. This is a specific list that closely approximates all the elements in a population. Some examples of sampling frames: Tax Records Driver’s License Records Telephone Directories Enrollment / M embership Lists A good sampling frame is crucial to good sampling but it is important to note that (except for a few specific populations) sampling frames are almost always incomplete or slightly inaccurate. Probability Sampling: Key Terms Population Parameter: any characteristic of a population...
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