Week 6.2 - Sampling & Experiments

Assignment no pretest one group p retest posttest

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Unformatted text preview: up Random assignment Experimental Design: 7 Parts Treatment or independent variable What the researcher modifies Researchers want the treatment to have an impact and produce specific reactions, feelings, or behaviors Dependent Variables Outcomes that subjects change in response to treatment Dependent variables are generally measured more than once during an experiment Experimental Design: 7 Parts Pretest Measurement of the dependent variable prior to administration of treatment Posttest Measurement of the dependent variable after the administration of treatment Experimental Group The group that receives treatment Experimental Design: 7 Parts Control Group The group that does not receive treatment Random Assignment Steps in Conducting an Experiment Begin with a hypothesis appropriate for experimental research Decide on experimental design to test hypothesis within practical limitations Decide how to introduce treatment or create a situation that induces the independent variable Develop a valid and reliable measure of the dependent variable Steps in Conducting an Experiment Set up an experimental setting and conduct a pilot test Locate appropriate subjects Randomly assign subjects into groups Gather data for pretest measure of dependent variable Introduce treatment to experimental group only Gather data for posttest measure of dependent variable Steps in Conducting an Experiment Debrief Subjects Inform them of purpose an...
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