Week 6.2 - Sampling & Experiments

Dependent variable prior to administration of

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Unformatted text preview: binations of probability and non- probability techniques may be used – refer to pages 160- 161 in your text for a discussion of Hidden Populations. Experimental Research Experimental Research Researchers do three things in experiments: Begin with a hypothesis Modify something in a situation Compare outcomes with and without modification Experimental Research Experimental research may be a good choice for: Issues with a narrow scope or scale Micro- Level Concerns Study an isolated or targeted variable Note: Participants in experimental research are called subjects. Radom Assignment Researchers want to compare cases that do not differ with regard to variables that may offer alternate explanations, so randomly assigning subjects helps to make groups more comparable Reduces bias in subject assignment Matching is an alternative to random assignment – here group members are matched on particular characteristics. Matching is problematic because the researcher has to determine what characteristics are important to match and how to measure these characteristics. Experimental Design: 7 Parts Treatment or independent variable Dependent variable Pretest Posttest Experimental group Control gro...
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