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Week 10 - Focus Groups

Week 10 - Focus Groups - Social Research Methods SOC 293 1...

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Social’Research’Methods SOC’293 1’November’2012 Nonreactive’Research Non-reactive’research’=’ Research’techniques’in’which’the’ people’in’the’study’are’unaware’that’someone’is’ gathering’info.’or’using’it’for’research’purposes. Four’types’of’non-reactive’research: Physical’evidence’analysis Content’analysis Existing’statistics’analysis Secondary’data’analysis’ Nonreactive’Measurement Unobtrusiv e measures = Non-obtrusive’measures’that’do’ not’intrude’or’disturb’a’person,’so’they’are’unaware’of’ them. Sometimes’researchers’will’study’the’physical’evidence’left’ behind’in’social’interactions Limitations of Physical Evidence Physical evidence measures are indirect (indirect observations). Possible privacy violation. Content’Analysis Content’analysis’=’ For’studying’communication’messages. Text’=’ In’content’analysis,’it’means’anything’written,’ visual,’or’spoken’in’a’communication’medium. Content’analysis’is’useful’for Large’vol.’of’text Topics’studied’at’a’distance
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Content’difficult’to’see’with’casual’observation Existing’Statistics’Analysis Researchers’search’through’available’collections’of’ information’with’a’question’in’mind,’then’they’ reassemble’the’information’in’new’ways’to’address’the’ research’question Existing’statistics’research’is’best’for’topics’that’involve’ information’routinely’collected’by’large’bureaucratic’ organizations.
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Week 10 - Focus Groups - Social Research Methods SOC 293 1...

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