Week 11 - Field Research

Observing and collecting data the researcher is a

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Unformatted text preview: in the Field Building relationships Performing small favors Appearing interested and exercising selective inattention Appearance of interest – A micro strategy to build or maintain relationships in which a researcher acts interested even when he or she is actually bored and uninterested. Strategies for Success in the Field Being an earnest novice show that you are interested even when you are not “newcomer”. Avoiding Conflicts Adopting an Attitude of Strangeness Attitude of Strangeness – A perspective in which the field researcher questions and notices ordinary details by looking at the ordinary through the eyes of a stranger. Observing and Collecting Data The Researcher is a Data Collection Instrument What to Observe Physical appearance People and their behavior People’s actions The context in which events occur Exactly what people say Observing and Collecting Data Sampling observations from all possible times, locations, people, situations, types of events, or contexts of interest. sample three types of field site events: Focusing Observing and Collecting Data Take Notes Various types of notes Recordings to supplement memory Interviewing in Field Research Types of Questions in Field Interviews Descriptive, structural, and contrast questions Informant – A member in a field site with whom a...
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