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Week 11 - Field Research

Week 11 - Field Research - Social Research Methods SOC 293...

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Social’Research’Methods SOC’293 6’and’8’November’2012 Field’Research Field research produces qualitative data. Field researchers directly observe and participate in a natural social setting. There are several kinds of ±eld research: Ethnography Participant-observation research Informal “depth” interviews Focus groups What’is’Field’Research? Ethnography ’–’ A’detailed’description’of’insider’meanings’&’ cultural’knowledge’of’living’cultures’in’a’natural’setting. Participant-Observation Research ’–’ A’research’technique’in’ which’sociologist’observes’a’social’collectivity’of’which’he’or’ she’is’also’a’member. Informal “Depth” Interviews – Generally’involve’one’or’more’ people’being’present,’occur’in’the’±eld,’are’informal’and’ nondirective. Focus Groups – A’type’of’group’interview’in’which’an’interviewer’ asks’questions’to’the’group,’and’answers’are’given’in’an’open’ discussion’among’group’members. Logic’of’Field’Research Naturalism’=’ The’principle’that’we’learn’best’by’observing’ ordinary’events’in’a’natural’setting,’not’in’a’contrived,’invented,’ or’researcher-centred’setting.
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Steps’in’Field’Research Starting’the’Project Flexibility Go’with’the’flow’/’play’it’by’ear Get’Organized Skills’needed’(Looking,’listening,’short-term’memory)’ Literature’search Informed’but’open’to’new’ideas Know’self Select’a’Field’Site Field Site Any’location’or’a’set’of’location’in’which’±eld’ research’takes’place.’It’usually’has’on-going’social’interaction’
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Week 11 - Field Research - Social Research Methods SOC 293...

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