Week 11 - Field Research

Where to observe richness of data suitability level

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Unformatted text preview: flow / play it by ear Get Organized Skills needed (Looking, listening, short- term memory) Literature search Informed but open to new ideas Know self Select a Field Site Field Site – Any location or a set of location in which field research takes place. It usually has on- going social interaction and a shared culture. Where to Observe Richness of data Suitability Level of Involvement Complete observer Researcher participant Complete participant Going native It means you become so involved in the research that you are no longer objection Gain Access Gatekeeper – Someone with formal or informal authority to control access to a field site. Entering the Field Presentation of self How you present yourself to gatekeepers Negotiation Make a case for yourself Social Roles Abide by social rules Being in the Field Learning the Ropes Normalizing Social Research Normalize – How a field researcher helps field site members redefine social research from unknown and potentially threatening to something normal, comfortable and familiar. Building Rapport Charm and trust Empathy Don’t be so judgmental Negotiating continuously Deciding a degree of Involvement Strategies for Success...
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