Week 1 - Introductory Lecture

Resistance to change excessive devotion to tradition

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Unformatted text preview: e a privilege (Grey 2005), so the blogger’s generalization about “most people” was not likely correct. Reasoning: Illogical reasoning prematurely jump to conclusions argue on the basis of invalid assumptions Fact: About 63% of Americans age 18 or older now use the Internet. Conclusion? Is it reasonable to conclude that 37% who don’t participate in the “information revolution” avoid it simply because they don’t want to participate? Reevaluation: Resistance to change reluctance to reevaluate ideas in light of new information. What makes us resistant to change? Ego- based commitments Excessive devotion to tradition Uncritical agreement with authority Resistance to change: Ego- based commitments It is easier to make statements about th...
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