Gay Marriage - Same Sex Marriage Ever since the sixties,...

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Same Sex Marriage Ever since the sixties’, America has been on a non-stop wave of change in society. Whether it is improvement of women’s rights, racial equality, or what is considered appropriate in the media, change can be found everywhere. The issue of homosexuality is no exception. The rise of gay pride and activism has been on a steady incline, and along with it awareness of the homosexual community among heterosexuals. One major focus of homosexual activism has been the subject of gay marriage. While it is a progressive move for our country, it strikes a sensitive chord among the more conservative and religious side of the nation. Each side of the debate has compelling arguments, but most of them directly come into conflict with each either. The issue of homosexual marriage, while progressive in promoting equality for the homosexual community, has the capacity to combat and even infringe on the conservative religious population’s beliefs and constitutional rights. The United States of America has long been regarded, by Americans at least, as a beacon of equality and freedom for all of its inhabitants. Though this isn’t entirely true in its history due to persecution of minorities, Jews, Mormons, and now homosexuals, the country has gone through changes to accommodate these groups. The issue of homosexual marriage is considered by the homosexual community and others as the next step in civil rights. Currently, in most states, homosexual couples are not guaranteed the legal rights that heterosexual couples are automatically given with marriage. And if any sort of bans on homosexual marriage become federal, smaller laws that accommodate homosexuals will be annulled and none can be created that promote equality. Dan Freund, a Wisconsin attorney, describes how same-sex couples in many places cannot 1
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have visitation rights in hospitals and that, If the ban passes, the legislature would be prohibited from ever passing a
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Gay Marriage - Same Sex Marriage Ever since the sixties,...

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