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Oasis - Oasis"The Hijackers of British Rock Royalty The...

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Oasis “The Hijackers of British Rock Royalty” The early 90’s music scene was in a lull after the death of Kurt Cobain of the band Nirvana, which spearheaded the grunge rock movement in the mainstream. In what some would describe as a vacuum in the British music scene, a band took the center stage by storm with at the time, the fastest selling debut album ever. Oasis, fronted by brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher, dominated the British and world music scene (minus the US for some dumb reason). Their success still exists today as they were recently given the award for “Best Band in the World Today” at the Q Awards in England, beating out the self-righteous U2. Oasis can be traced to humble beginnings to the Gallagher brothers who lived in Manchester, England. They lived with brother Paul, and their parents. Their father was abusive and alcoholic, driving the mother to take the children and run off to begin a new life. Older brother Noel, a late teenager, began learning guitar while Liam was being a general brigand in their neighborhood. Noel eventually began touring with the band “The Inspiral Carpets” as a roadie equipment man. Liam started a band with his school friends: Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs, Paul McGuigan, and Tony McCarrol. Soon after learning of his younger brother’s venture into music, Noel soon joined up in exchange for creative control of the band. The band began playing together as Noel wrote songs and played lead guitar, with Liam on vocals, Arthur on Rhythm guitar, Guigsy on Bass, and McCarrol on drums. Taking hints from bands such as The Beatles, The Who, Sex Pistols, and T. Rex; Noel Gallagher crafted a simple but powerful sound that captured a generation. In May of 1993, the band was spotted by Alan McGee of Creation records and 1
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signed mere days afterwards. The recording and mixing of their debut album Definitely Maybe , had many problems due to difficulty capturing the raw and powerful live sound of the band. The album was finally recorded successfully in Sawmills Recording Studio in Cornwall, England. The studio was preferable due to a set up that favors live recording with leakage from each instrument. The studio was also accessible only by boat, which hampered the band’s drunken antics due to tide recessions. The mixing of the album was very problematic due to band ego and Noel’s perfectionism. Noel finally decided to allow producer Owen Morris to mix the album without direct band input.
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