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Ini2a2ve resolu2on economic insight tenacity op2mism

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Unformatted text preview: descriptors for the functions of words. There are eight. • Nouns are the names of peoples or thing: Instron, metal, computer, foam. Dr. Dr. Oliver Franke Good vs bad abstract Temography of Shear Bands in Metal Foams Metal foams, when compressed, deform by shear banding; the bands broaden as deforma2on progresses. We have studied the nuclea2on and broadening of shear bands by laser- speckle strain- mapping. The foams were non- homogeneous, with spa2al varia2ons of density of a factor of 2; the shear bands nucleate in the low- density zones, and broaden into the high- density regions as strain progresses. The results indicate that processing to minimise the density fluctua2ons could increase the ini2al compressive yield strength of the foams, when shear bands first form, by a factor of 1.5. This, in four sentences and 94 words, gives a clear, concise portrait of the paper, devoid of unnecessary detail and secondary informaIon. The Role of the Materials Engineer in Design ‘The role of the Materials Engineer in the design and manufacture of today’s highly sophis2cated products is varied, complex, exci2ng and always changing. Because it is not always the metallurgical or materials engineer who spec...
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