Lecture 5 Chapter 6 part 2

Checking locks stove that you didnt harm others

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Unformatted text preview: you touch something (like putting gas in car) •  Aggressive –  Fear might harm others •  Poisoning other people’s food, harming babies, running over somebody with car, pushing somebody in front of train •  Religious/scrupulosity obsessions –  Worries about blasphemous thoughts –  Worries about doing the right thing; “did I tell a lie” Compulsions-Repetitive Behaviors •  Cleaning compulsions- washing, showering, cleaning •  Checking- locks, stove, that you didn’t harm others •  Checking that you didn’t make a mistake •  Checking- going to doctors to ask about illnesses •  Re- [email protected] •  [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]@es- combing hair, in and out of doorway, doing things a # of @mes Prevalence, Age of Onset, and Gender Differences Initiating Event-Trigger Unacceptable Thought Anxiety Recurring Thought More Anxiety Action/Compulsive Behavior Temporary Relief/Anxiety Reduction (compulsive behavior is thus reinforced) OCD video Psychological Causal Explanations-OCD OCD Classical condi@oning- direct experiences X Vicarious [email protected][email protected] X [email protected] preparedness X [email protected] of uncontrollability and unpredictability X - [email protected] biases toward “danger/ threat schemas” X [email protected] at psychosexual stage X OCD-Brain structures •...
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