Lecture 12 eating disorders

and then i start worrying that i wont feel full

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Unformatted text preview: ming more and more obsessed about food, weight, and calories. I will plan on eating something such as a Fiber One 50 calorie yogurt, or maybe a half cup of Kix cereal, or a fruit such as a kiwi, small apple, or tangerine... And then I start worrying that I won't feel full after, I'll want to eat more and go over my safe range of calories for the day, ultimately losing control. Characteristics Bulimia Nervosa Frequent episodes of binge eating (1x week for 3 months) Lack of control over eating Recurrent inappropriate behavior to prevent weight gain Bulimia Nervosa Symptoms – Usually normal weight or slightly overweight – Recurrent episodes of binge eating, with lack of control over eating-once weekly – Recurrent compensatory behaviors to prevent weight gain; ineffective – Self-esteem and daily routine center on weight and shape, but no gross distortions of body image Bulimia Nervosa-Compensatory behaviors Purging type •  Vomiting •  Laxatives •  Diuretics Nonpurging type •  Fasting •  Exercise •  Wanda is a 30 year old, 5’5” and slightly overweight. She is...
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