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Unformatted text preview: ly expressed as percentages Different types of prevalence esCmates Prevalence and Incidence Incidence Number of new cases in populaCon over given period of Cme Incidence figures are typically lower than prevalence figures Prevalence Estimates for Mental Disorders LifeCme prevalence - __ % Most prevalent (lifeCme) category ________ Most common individual disorders ___________ Comorbidity ____________ Treatment Not all people receive treatment DispariCes exist Vast majority of treatment is done on outpa9ent basis Inpa9ent hospitaliza9on typically in psychiatric units How many can you find? Diagnosis, therapy, medicaCon Psychiatrist Diagnosis, therapy Therapy Psychologist Pastoral Counselor Licensed clinical social worker Substance Abuse Counselor Masters in Social Work Masters in Family Therapy Licensed Professional Counselor OccupaConal Therapist History of Abnormal 800 BC-...
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