Disadvantages one size ts all perspeccve focus on

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Unformatted text preview: to beTer study and understand disorders - What is considered pathological warrants treatment - Insurance What Are the Disadvantages of Classification? Disadvantages - One size fits all perspecCve - Focus on diagnosis not person (lose contextual informaCon) - SCgma and Stereotyping - Labeling and self concept Categorical vs. Dimensional Categorical ü༏  Do you meet diagnosCc criteria or not? ü༏  Is one size fits all accurate? ü༏  At what point is “enough” enough regarding one’s symptoms Dimensional •  Abnormal behavior can be placed on a conCnuum •  Incorporates quanCtaCve criteria versus an “all or nothing” way of thinking •  May not meet all diagnosCc criteria but sCll important video Abnormal Behavior in Context ü༏ Personal characterisCcs, such as sex, race, or ethnicity...
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