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Unformatted text preview: ༏ Age ü༏ Socioeconomic status (SES) ü༏ Biological changes (parCcularly hormonal changes associated with puberty; menopause etc.) Cultural implicaCons when it comes to abnormality p༇ Culture may what is considered abnormal (e.g., supersCCons) p༇ Culture shapes how one may experience clinical symptoms (somaCc symptoms) p༇ Culture effects the way that different cultures describe distress (e.g., use of words such as anxious and depressed) p༇ Culture effects treatment seeking Culture-Specific Disorders Taijin kyofusho in Japan Certain forms of psychopathology highly specific to certain cultures Examples Ataque de nervios in LaCnos and LaCnas especially from the Caribbean How Common Are Mental Disorders? Significant quesCon for many reasons Planning, establishing, and funding mental health services for specific disorders Providing clues to causes of mental disorders Prevalence and Incidence Prevalence Number of acCve cases in populaCon during any given period of Cme Point, year, lifeCme Typical...
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