Substance Abuse Treatment Lecture 11

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Unformatted text preview: tx, relapse aHer inpa:ent tx, fair social supports, ambivalence about tx to change, lack child care, etc. Outpa:ent tx Hx of good use of outpa:ent tx, previous successful quit aKempts, good social support, lack of resources for more intensive treatment, work, childcare etc. Treatment Modali:es ü༏  Mo:va:on enhancement therapy ü༏  Twelve- step approaches –abs:nence ü༏  CBT (individual, group, family) Mo:va:on Enhancement Therapy: Stages of Change Self Help Groups CBT -   Func:onal Analysis -   S:mulus Control -   Cogni:ve Distor:ons about substance -   Alterna:ve distrac:ng behaviors -   Asser:veness: Refusal Skills -   Dealing with Nega:ve affect -   New social systems and support for not drinking Functional Analysis Trigger Mom calls to complain Tho...
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